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All March long we are celebrating Mexican culture and welcoming Ottawa’s Day of the Dead Festival — our first Cultural Spotlight partner!


Our Cultural Spotlight program celebrates Canada’s diversity by partnering with local festivals and cultural groups. Ottawa is rich with diversity — Canada in one City. We want to amplify that by promoting Canada in one show!

It’s the same great Oh Canada Eh!? Dinner Musical you know and love but with an added bonus!

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This month, we’re proudly featuring Ottawa’s Day of the Dead Festival and Mexican culture. 

All show tickets purchased in March include the Cultural Spotlight on Mexico. It’s our same great show with an added bonus!

We’ve got a sprinkling of Mexican song, dance, cuisine and more…offering a select “taste” of the best of their traditions.

Come check it out — get your tickets today!

¡Arriba!, EH?!

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Ottawa’s Day of the Dead Festival promotes the richness of Mexican culture through art, gastronomy, music and dance that appeal to the senses of all ages. 

It is an authentic taste of a captivating celebration.

Experience a piece of Mexico in the heart of Canada! Join the Day of the Dead Festival October 27 – 29, 2023 in the historic ByWard Market.

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altar exhibition at the ottawa byward market

The Day of the Dead Festival is one of the most important holidays in Mexico. It takes place on the first two days of November.

Friends and family gather to remember and celebrate loved ones who have passed away, and support their spiritual journey. The belief is that the dead would be insulted by mourning or sadness. Loved ones are remembered with food, drink, parties, festivals and activities that they enjoyed during their lifetime.

What You’ll See and Taste at Our Spotlight!

The ofrenda, or altar, honours loved ones who have passed and the cycle of life. Ofrendas are beautifully decorated and feature mementos, photographs and objects to remember the lives of the deceased.

What are the basic elements of every ofrenda?

  • Water
  • Candles
  • Papel picado (coloured paper)
  • Tapetes de flores (floral tapestry)
  • Portraits
  • Salt
  • Cempasúchil (marigold flowers)
  • Pan de muerto (Day of the Dead bread)

Two Faces

Day of the Dead exhibition at the Shenkman Art Centre

Two FacesAn altar dedicated to artist Frida Khalo at the “Delightful Expressions of Mexico” gastronomical event

La Bamba dance

La Bamba is an 18th-century folk song and dance that comes from the Veracruz region in the Gulf of Mexico. It is mainly performed at weddings where the bride and groom tie a ribbon together with their toes as a symbol of their love. An adaptation of this song was popularized by Richie Valens in 1958, and became a Top 40 hit.
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Catrina represents the beauty of life that is celebrated during the Day of the Dead Festival. Catrina wears an elegant dress, a feather boa, a fancy hat full of bright flowers, and is always smiling, reminding us that there is comfort in commemorating, not fearing, death. You might see Catrina grace a family ofrenda, in a shop window, or appear in a painted face of people who attend Day of the Dead parades.
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It’s hard to miss the distinctive joyful sounds of a Mariachi band! Mariachi is a genre of regional Mexican music that dates back to at least the 18th century, evolving over time in the countryside of various regions of western Mexico. The usual mariachi group today consists of as many as eight violins, two trumpets and at least one guitar, including a high-pitched vihuela and an acoustic bass guitar called a guitarrón, and all players taking turns singing lead and doing backup vocals.
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Pan de muerto or “Day of the Dead bread” is a soft, sweet bread that welcomes loved ones who have passed to family tables to enjoy a special meal together during the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Get the Recipe HERE

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